Friday, March 21, 2008

:::my Polaroid sx-70:::

sharpie drawing on white paper of my trusty TAN SX-70 that I picked up one day in March 1987 while driving over Laurel Canyon at a garage/yard sale... I picked the camera up for $20 and a little black night stand for $15.00... needless to say... I still have the camera but the night stand
is long gone...

in the mid eighties all you needed was an sx-70/film/paper clip or toothpick if you were at a meal, and you were in business ... manipulating your images just under the surface of the Polaroid.. as if your Polaroid was a WACOM tablet and your paper clip the software

**the effect was a painting/like/brush-stroke/quality given to the Polaroid...

thank you Polaroid and of course Mr. Land for all your ingenuity...!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Extra Extra!! :::A La Cart::: Hits The Stands!!

Photographs by me (Barbara Green) in the new Hillary Carlip book, "a La Cart:
The Secret Lives of Grocery Shoppers".

"gorilla style" shooting at its finest!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Los Angeles Magazine ::: a la cart photos :::

This month's Los Angeles Magazine has a great article about the new book, "a la cart The Secret Lives Of Grocery Shoppers" -- written by Hillary Carlip, with photos by me.

Check out some of the photos below... see if you notice the common theme...

for more info on the book check out this link:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


its time to blog...

I've just finished my new website... please join me there:

you may ask, who is this Barbara Green??? (that's me in the 3rd person)... and I'd say, why don't you check out my new website...

upon arrival at you'll be given a fluffy white robe and your choice of herbal tea or a cocktail. Actually, you won't. But you'll FEEL like you were.

Enjoy the pictures. If you have a project to discuss, let me know.

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