Thursday, January 29, 2009

::: Photographer by day / Plumber by :::

(a slight version of what I might have looked like, minus the crack.. and yeah, mustache)

You may wonder to yourself, "what do photographers do on their days off?" and one answer might be... plumbing?

After a few weeks of water circling the sink.. and slowly making its way down the pipes.. I may be time to do a bit of, Barbara Green, as plumber.. rotor rootering!!

First, might I add, if you must know.. all my years of snapping photos, have enabled me to be quite the plumber.. you may ask.. "how is that?".. and I will answer.. as with taking any good photos.. one often finds themselves on their back, on their side, on their knees, squatting.. you get the ...!

Anywho.. after a few turns of the wrench, a bucket to catch the water flow.. and a "baby snake" for good measure.. I get the gunk out.. and I'm sitting pretty. I tightened everything up.. do some wipe/cleaning.. and low and behold.. I have a sparkling sink.

Needless to say... "picture perfect"

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