Thursday, April 2, 2009

::: Rogers & Oprah :::

Rogers & Oprah talking about dystonia on the OPRAH Show
friday 4/3 Rogers will be on The Today Show

Rogers not-so-long ago / today

As a friend and photographer, I have been documenting Rogers

as she has found herself on this journey with Dystonia.

me on 2nd camera -- Oprah video "Rogers day-in-the Life"
USC Medical Center for Botox injections

Elizabeth Spencer -- Rogers partner and ever present calm force in all of this.

"You bring out the intimate, the personal and the heart breaking and the humor. You capture Rogers in the various places she has been with such humanity and heart." -- Katie Ford

Rogers in her own words on her blog Life With Dystonia

Looking forward to Rogers next blog Life without Dystonia - see ya!

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Anonymous said...

I have a very dear friend with dystonia...a professional tap dancer known to all dancers in Canada. To see this breaks my heart. May your God give you strength. Keep a positive attitude...and know that some people understand...MM