Monday, April 27, 2009

::: Valley Village 2 megapixels at a time :::

© Barbara Green One Way in Valley Village 2009

Sometimes you get a person... sometimes you get a water bottle. I was looking to start the work week with an early morning yoga class ... got on the freeway, took the "valley village" exit, and this is what greeted me. Grabbed the Minolta 2 megapixel cutie, and captured this.

Excited and hopeful I parked at the undisclosed Yoga Studio on Ventura Boulevard, which was "mysteriouly" empty... and not so hopeful, I walked - sans mat, to see if there was a class... and, yes indeed, the
door was locked, and the schedule sheet had a BIG ASS Sharpie X thru my 7am class.


Enjoy my view at 6:58 AM
Laurel Canyon Exit East 101 FWY

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